@Breaking-New@-Farmer Movement: The ‘fruits’ of hard work on roads, from ‘village bandh’ to ‘Bharat bandh’?

Bhopal / Chandigarh
The farmers’ agitation has been going on for 10 days across the country, starting on Wednesday, on the completion of one year of the incident that killed 6 people during the Kisan agitation in Mandsaur on June 6 last year. The situation of the farmers has not improved in a year and they are once again on the streets demanding loan waiver, increased product price and implementation of the Swaminathan Commission report. Not only this, the farmers are throwing the same products on the streets to listen to them, which they produced after many months of hard work.

In Faridkot, Punjab, farmers have started throwing vegetables on the streets. They have also stopped the supply of vegetables, fruits and milk from villages to urban markets. Vehicles carrying goods outside the city are being stopped. In Ludhiana, containers filled with milk were also overturned on the roads.

According to reports, the farmers, who were protesting at Khedsiwapur in Pune, shed several thousand liters of milk. Similarly, in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, a 10-day ‘farmer holiday’ was started by stopping supply. However, in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, the farmers have decided to distribute the remaining milk to the village instead of throwing the remaining milk.

On the other hand, Shivkumar Sharma, president of the National Farmers’ Workers Federation, has called ‘Bharat Bandh’ till 10 pm on June 10. He has told that more than 130 farmers associations are with him. He said, ‘It has now become a nationwide movement. We have given it the name of ‘village bandh’. We will not go to the cities because we do not want to disrupt the life of the common man. Along with this, he appealed to the urban traders to pay tribute to the farmers who had lost their lives in the past years by keeping shops closed on 10 June.

The Madhya Pradesh government has come on the backfoot regarding the farmer movement proposed by the farmers organizations from June 1 to June 10. The Home Minister has clarified on Monday that the government has not given any instructions to fill the bonds with the farmers. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh also held a long discussion with his ministers on this issue on Monday. Explain that 147 farmer organizations of the country have announced the movement from 1 to 10 June.

This movement has also become important in Madhya Pradesh because on June 6 last year, 6 farmers were killed in police firing in Mandsaur district. Due to this, special vigilance is being done in Mandsaur and its surrounding districts. According to the information, in Mandsaur and Neemuch districts, the police have filled the restrictive bonds with farmers under Section 107–16 of CRPC. Nearly 1500 farmers have been asked by the police to fill bonds, including 80 years old and sick farmers.

Mandsaur was converted into a camp
For the last one month, government employees have been threatening and convincing farmers in these districts not to join the movement. The entire area has been converted into a cantonment. According to IG (Law and Order) Makrand Deuskar posted at the Police Headquarters, about 5000 trainee constables have been sent to these districts. Apart from these, 87 companies of Special Armed Forces have also been sent. The districts already have their own police force.

Government on backfoot due to news of resentment among farmers
In order to deal with the agitation in Mandsaur-Neemuch, policemen are also being trained to throw tear gas shells and baton charge. Shivkumar Sharma has accused the Shivraj government of oppressing the farmers. At the same time, the government immediately came backfoot due to the news of resentment among the farmers of the area. The State Home Minister immediately clarified that the government has not ordered the bond filling.


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